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Keypath Education is the leader in education marketing – and with a variety of inquiry generation partners in our arsenal, we can develop a campaign with the right mix of vendors, tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

Our Network

As the leading affiliate network for the education industry, our network provides affiliates the opportunity to connect with thousands of education-based inquiry generation campaigns. We have over 4,000 individual locations and online schools in our client base. With a full-service marketing background, we have deep-rooted ties to our clients and are able to work with them to develop campaign offers that other networks simply cannot match. If you are ready to begin developing inquiries in the education industry and start generating revenue, you have come to the right place. To get started with the Keypath Education Partners program, click here.

Competitive payouts, comprehensive reporting and dedicated partnership representatives are just a few of the reasons Keypath Education is the leading education affiliate network.

Keypath Education Services

Keypath Education is a full-service partner, specializing in education marketing. We have an entire suite of services to help you recruit the most students at the lowest possible cost per start. Contact us today to find out more about:

  • Media Placement
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Marketing
  • Creative Design and Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • List Development
  • Business Intelligence

In our expanded role in education, we can offer partnership in areas that enhance our foundation of integrated marketing services, including:

  • Launching Programs
  • Growing Enrollment
  • Improving Learning
  • Optimizing Careers
  • Corporate Partnership Program